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The Fishing

The Essex waters can provide a wide range of species of fish mainly due to the plenty of wrecks, sand banks, deep water channles, strong tide flows shallow waters and ruff gronds. With some of the British fish records BASS 19lb 9oz and TOPE 82lb 8oz and STING RAY 72lb 2oz being caught in thase waters. Marks we fish making it a very popular destination for the keen fisherman and the beginer. The species in these waters are as follows Bass, Rays, Hounds, Tope, Cod, Whiting, spur dogs , pouting, Place, sole, stingray, Eels, Mackerel, Herring, Gurnard, Garfish, unusual catches include we have had in the years fishing our marks, sea trout , black bream, red bream, wrasse, brill, sund fish but are rare. we aim to target all fish with many different methods we try our very best to locate and catch as many types and sizes of fish. Many skippers just drop you in one spot and let you get on with it but that's not what we are all about we will find the fish even if we have to move about and try the best methods to give you that edge on the fish and other boats. 


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